Alexa Lopez ​


Alexa Lopez is a 21 year old Singer and Songwriter who loves to work „out of the box“. Her music can generally be described as Indie-Pop with Subgenre-Crossing. She loves to add musical elements from all around the world into her Music: Rock, Soul, Latin, Rap, Folk, R&B etc. The sound of her voice is described as purple, warm and cold at the same time. The young newcomer is inspired by U.S. american singers like Halsey and Alicia Keys and U.K singers like Raye, but also latinamerican artists like Silvana Estrada and Jessie Reyez influence her songwriting due to her mexican roots.
Alexas Motto is „Normalize Authenticity”. Her songwriting exposes her deepest thoughts and emotions. Honesty and Rawness seems to be Alexas most characteristic trait. Writing about her internal world helps her understand herself better and accept her own darkness, as breaking the tabu is the only way to truly heal. She also shows herself in her most authentic form, with all of her humanly features. As a feminist she wants to crash beauty standards and shows, that even with not fitting into the social definition of „Beauty”, one can be magnifically beautiful.

how it all started

From an early age on Alexa and Music become inseparable. Born into a multicultural family full of musicians, she very soon is given the opportunities and tools to experiment with music. She starts playing classical piano when she´s only 5 years old, at 8 years old she takes guitar lessons. With her parents being classical pianists and entertainment musicians, being on stage becomes frequent and the spotlight becomes her place of comfort. At 10 she joins the choir „HIB Voices“ and performs at big locations, like the Mozartsaal at the Wiener Konzerthaus.

In contrast to her family she was always drawn to modern music. Already her 9-year-old self Covers songs by Ariana Grande or Rihanna acoustically while recording it on her phone. At the age of 14 she becomes the lead singer of the school band „Business As Unusual“, with whom she performs on even greater Stages at Viennese locations like Schönbrunn,  Augarten or Wiener Rathaus. One year later she begins to write her own songs that carry all the different musical genres she was exposed to throughout her life: Latin American Music as Mexican folk, U.S. American and German Pop, Soul, Rap and R&B, U.K. Punk, Emo, Rock and mostly Alternative, Progressive and Indie.

Debut Single

When Alexa turns 16 the young Rapper Prince Taylor asks her to be on his EP. She records her whole part in  “DON´T WAKE ME UP” and falls in love with the recording process. Obviously, the next step was: record your own Song! One year later Alexas six-minute-long debut Single „Thoughts” is released in 2019 and is  her most streamed track until this day.  

Entering the music scene

When Alexa graduates in 2021 nothing stands in her way. While recording in various Studios (f.e. Society 77) during the day, she performs at different Open Mics (f.e. Open Loft) most nights. There she meets people and gets invited to play at various Events and Locations, like Cultiva Hanf Expo 2021. She also releases her 2nd Single “Twin Flame”,  including a first self-made Music Video.

radio debut & Live Session

During an Open Mic at the Tunnel Vienna Live, Sky Studio owner Phil approaches and invites her to sing at his Live Session and Broadcast for Radio Orange. She plays a Set of 6 self-written and composed Songs, 3 of them in company of the Band Laute Leute. On the 11th of April 2022 Alexa debuts on Radio.  

debut eP "breakup Breakdown Breakthrough"

At the end of 2021 Alexa goes through the most painful breakup of her life. Luckily she has the gift  to turn pain into art and brings her sorrow to paper. The created songs perfectly reflect the five psychological Stages of Grief that Alexa is going through in that time. With that being known, an incredible idea was born: a short conceptual Album. Alexa would very soon turn that idea into reality. In October 2021 the first EP-Single „How Could I – Acoustic Version” is being released.

Continuously, the second Single „Energy And Time” comes out in May 2022, which is something completely new: a groovy R&B Song with a jazzy Swing Part. In November that same year her third EP-Single “Leave My Head” is being released and leaves everyone surprised: she raps and sings in spanish for the first time. As if that wasn’t enough, the first professionally shot Music Video debuts with that Song. The release is a big success and Alexa gets noticed  by magazines for the first time.

Alexa Lopez at Miss Magazine

On the 22nd of February, two days before the official EP-Release, Alexa sings „Leave My Head” for Miss Magazine at #MissSoundZimmer, with Leo the Loud on Guitar and Helmut Perez on Percussion.

After more than a year of hard work, planification and organization, the EP „breakup breakdown breakthrough” debuts on the 24th of February 2023.

TV Debut

Once the conceptual multi-genre EP is released, it draws attention to many people. One of them is a reporter from the TV-Station Wiener Neustadt TV, short WNTV. Soon Alexa will be on their TV Show „CitySOUNDS”, where Local Musicians are being presented. She performs a set of 3 Songs for them and gives her first Interview on screen. On the 24th of April 2023 Alexa debuts on national TV.







While working on various Music Videos for the EP-Tracks (go to Releases) Alexa is touring with a new founded FLINTA* Band. Each of the six band members stand for one of the EP-Tracks, which is symbolized through the color they are wearing.

The band members are:

  • Alexa Lopez on Main Vox
  • Clara Pühringer/Marie Ese on Guitar and Backing Vox
  • Agnes Schoppe on Harp and Backing Vox
  • Flora Kapeller on Piano and Backing Vox
  • Andrea Kleindl on Drums and Backing Vox
  • Leonie Kreuzer on Bass 
If you want to catch them Live, go to Shows and find your available Date!
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Kultursommer Wien 2023

The first time Alexa applies to play as a Musical Act at the Kultursommer Wien is in 2022. She gets denied, but that doesn’t stop her from trying again the following year. Initially she gets denied again in 2023. Little does Alexa know that she is about to get a call from them, asking her to play. On the 13th of July of 2023 her dream comes true. Alexa performs her released and unreleased Songs with Piano, Guitar and Playback and presents her EP to the audience.